Ramble On Radio - The Led Zeppelin Podcast - Episode #1 (repost)

November 21st, 2015

Reposting from August 21, 2011.

On a Sunday Night in August I poured myself my third drink and decided to have a go at an idea I had been playing with for most of the summer. Thus Ramble On Radio, nee Ramble On - The Podcast, was born. 
In this episode I talk about the end of the Band of Joy touring, Robert appearing on a Bob Marley Benefit song, BCC touring Europe and Jimmy Page launches JimmyPage.com

I also review Robert Plant: Blue Note DVD. and Dave Lewis', Feather in the Wind: Led Zeppelin Over Europe 1980 book 


Ramble On Radio - The Led Zeppelin Podcast - Episode #101

July 15th, 2015

On Episode 101 I have the second part of my Dave Lewis interview. The interview took place on July 3rd, 35-years to the day since Dave was side stage watching Led Zeppelin in Mannheim, Germany. Dave and I discuss the under-reported Led Zeppelin 1980 Over Europe tour, and I give my own thoughts on what would tragically be the last Led Zeppelin tour.